Week 52: Dress 52 [01/07/12]

It’s official!! I have consecutively made one dress a week for a whole year!

This week (definitely the most expensive), I used about 6 yards of an ivory satin bridal fabric, about half a yard of ivory floral lace, a 12” ivory invisible zipper, and 12 half circle buttons. Design details include: a double darted bust, floral lace contrast yoke and slitted back, an empire waistline with lace highlight, a center back zipper closure, center back accent buttons, fitted gown with mermaid flare, and a bridal circular train! Also made the bouquet by hand using two sets of 6 two-tone daisies, pearl accents, and ivory ribbon. (‘:

It has been an AMAZING experience and I wanted to thank you all for the support and messages I’ve been blessed with along the way! To all 2000+ of you, whether you started following from the beginning or just an hour ago, thank you so soo much!! I started this project blindly with simple hopes of making 2011 a big year (it was also the year of my 18th birthday, my high school graduation, and start of college!). All of the new relationships and collaborations were an incredible plus to this project. Given that there were tough times though, nothing compares to this overwhelming feeling of support from everyone and actually reaching the finish line. I swear I had so much more to say, but I’m choking up just knowing this is the last post of my project. I’m grateful for 2011. Happy 2012! (‘: 

Credits to Brian Dublin for these photos && my cousin, Blessie Millare, for helping with the windy & cold photo shoot!!

Video will be posted at http://itsjamilerr.tumblr.com/

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    Aside from being an infinite amount of inspiration, her solid commitment to this project shows the dedication and...
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    Thank you so much, Brian! Crazy, crazy feeling.
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    I agree. It’s totally official. I love my sister. And I’m soo lucky to be her sister. ( I get behind the scenes! )